Macedonia Tour Guide motto and philosophy is “Travel With A Story” – which is a mantra for those who seek to make every journey a meaningful and memorable experience. It’s an invitation to explore the world with curiosity and openness, to seek out the stories that make each place unique, and to create your own narrative along the way. When we travel with a story, we see the world with new eyes, and we return home with a deeper understanding of ourselves and the world around us.

Visit of a local family while they bake homemade bread outside on 400y old wooden oven
Old grandmother selling handmade wool socks made by her from wool from her sheeps

Welcome to my personal website!

My name is Blazhe Popov, and I am a passionate tour guide based in Strumica, Macedonia. My love for this country’s rich history, culture and natural beauty has led me to become a guide who takes great pride in sharing these wonders with visitors from around the globe.

As a professional licensed tour guide, I have spent countless hours exploring every corner of Macedonia, from the bustling cities to the tranquil countryside. I have a deep understanding of the local customs, traditions, cuisine, and nature, and I am eager to share my knowledge with you. I know excellent English, Macedonian, or good Serbian, Croatian or Bulgarian lаnguage.

My tours are designed to be informative, engaging, and tailored to your interests. Whether you’re interested in active holiday, hiking, ancient history, architecture, gastronomy or simply soaking up the scenery, I can design an itinerary that meets your needs. All transfers are made with rented vehicles, or with the clients private vehicle on their request.

I offer a diverse range of cultural trips, including my exclusive “Magical Macedonia round-trip tour.” Visitors’ favorites include day tours in Strumica, visits to the breathtaking Waterfalls and Berovo, as well as tours in Skopje. I also offer archaeological and historical tours, monastery trips, research tours, nature tours, and gastronomical tours. For the adventurous, I provide outdoor activities such as hiking, biking, hunting, skiing, fishing, and horseback riding. Don’t miss out on the special eco-rural village trip, featuring authentic Macedonian organic food and the must-have, homemade rakia (brandy).

Furthermore, I can arrange a special tour for painting exhibitions in some of the country’s most beautiful locations, such as Lake Ohrid, national parks, and wineries, or a combination of these tours. You can customize your tour according to the number of places, days, and door-to-door transportation required. Customer satisfaction is my top priority, and I am always willing to be flexible to meet your needs.

As your guide, my goal is to provide you with an unforgettable experience that will leave you with a deeper appreciation for Macedonia and its people. So if you’re looking for a guide who is knowledgeable, enthusiastic, and dedicated to making your journey unforgettable, look no further

Let's explore Macedonia together !

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