My Story

From an early age thanks to my father (survivor of the earthquake in Skopje `63, former JNA soldier in a special naval and field parachute sabotage unit, and mountaineer) as well as my mother and aunt with their extensive knowledge of herbs and their medicinal properties, legends, fairytales and other stories, I fell in love with the nature of my homeland Macedonia, its rich history, culture, gastronomy and people.

Thus, as a young man, after graduating from secondary economic school, I will enrich my knowledge in architecture, enrolling in the Faculty of Architecture in neighboring R. Bulgaria, Sofia, where I will live for a year and a half.

Due to various economic circumstances, I return to Macedonia, Skopje, where, not having a place at the Faculty of Architecture, I enroll at the Faculty of Agriculture at the University of St. Cyril and Methodius,,- Skopje, enriching my knowledge in the field of agriculture, plants, insects, soil, etc.

Near the end of my studies, without any desire to start working in the agricultural sector, despite my knowledge, by chance, through a friend who lives in the Netherlands, and who is from my hometown, Strumica, he offered me to lead a small group of tourists from the Netherlands , that they would come for a week around Macedonia with a complete program for them.

At that time, tourism in Macedonia was still in its infancy, except for the touristically developed Ohrid with Lake Ohrid. Of course I accepted the offer with great enthusiasm and disbelief, until the moment when I met my first group at the old airport in Skopje, which was like a small bus station in a small town. So, even then I realized that this is what I want to do out of love and passion, storytelling, guiding, planning, organizing trips and activities, and seeing people happy and satisfied.

After this i continued in the guiding and developing the tourism, especially the rural and active tourism in Macedonia. In the same period Macedonia starts developing tourism all around Macedonia, promoting the country abroad, making new low system for the tourism and the guiding service.

So, 2012 I will follow a program for Tour Guide license on the University for Tourism and Management in Skopje – Faculty for Tourism and then in 2016 special training course for tour guide on Archaeoastronomical locality Kokino organized by the National Institution Museum of Kumanovo. Later in 2017 I will take part of a training for Mountain Guides (category A – easy hiking trails in summer conditions) organized by the Federation of Mountain Sports in Macedonia. And in 2018, from the same Federation, I finished training for a trail designer.

During all this period I will also provide guiding and other services in the tourism to many local and foreign small and big tour operators and agencies, but also providing such services to tourists directly as well. After each guided excursion or a round trip of a few days or maybe a couple of weeks I was receiving incredible even breathtaking and emotional for me, positive comments about my organizing skills and presenting my land trough a wonderful storytelling, which encourage me even during the pandemic to stay in the tourism. Every second guest was wondering why I don’t have my own personal website as a tour guide and to make one as soon as possible, was the advice of every single guest being with me.

Finally today, after the pandemic I am starting to realize and to have my own website where people and tour operators can more easily find me directly and where I can present some of my existing programs, for one day or round trip excursions in Macedonia, but lately also the neighboring countries like Albania, Bulgaria, Serbia, Romania, Croatia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Kosovo.

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