Let us know the preferred places you like to visit in Macedonia, or if you plan a Balkan trip the preferred countries you like to explore : North Macedonia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Serbia, Albania, Kosovo, Romania, Bulgaria or Greece. Choose as many destinations as you like.
If you have exact departure date, that is the best. But if not, the approximate week, month or part of the year would be great as well. E.g. May 2023, September-October 2023, etc.
If you have exact number of days, it is just great. If not, approximate number of days or weeks you would like to travel with us would be great as well. E.g. 7 nights or 2 weeks, etc.
If you are single traveller or if you are family or a group of friends, that is just great. E.g. 2 adults, 2 adults & 2 children, 10 adults, etc.
Macedonia Tour Guide trips include an element of in-depth destination understanding and touring with a storytelling guides. So, if you are looking to get to know the destination, meeting locals, and maybe try new food or high quality wines, go on adventure and hike in the nature or do other activities – we got you covered. Please help us by giving us more information about your preferred way of travel.
Please refer to your budget as per person, in EUR or USD currency. Absolutely, Funky Tours will deliver unrivalled value for your money.
Before we get in touch, is there anything else you feel we should know about your preferred travel arrangements? If you have seen a trip you love the look of on our website, please let us know the name or website link. Alternatively, if you have your own itinerary ideas feel free to let us know about them.
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