Strumica - Religion and Nature

“Discover the hidden treasures of Strumica as we embark on a captivating journey through history and nature”

Our tour begins at 8:30 am in Strumica, where we set off on a short drive to the renowned Veljusa Monastery. This architectural marvel, dating back to the 11th century, offers a glimpse into the region’s rich religious heritage. We’ll have the privilege of a guided tour led by a local nun, who will share fascinating insights and stories about the monastery.

Next, we continue our expedition to the nearby Vodocha Monastery, dedicated to St. Leontij and dating back to the 9th century. This ancient site is steeped in spirituality and showcases impressive Byzantine architecture. We’ll have the opportunity to explore its sacred halls and appreciate the serene atmosphere that surrounds it.

After our monastic encounters, we venture towards the foothills of the majestic Belasica Mountain. Here, nature lovers will be enthralled by the breathtaking beauty of two local natural wonders: the Smolarski Waterfall and the Kolesino Waterfall. A leisurely 3 – kilometer walk along a well-maintained recreational trail will lead us to both enchanting cascades, where we can bask in their splendor and capture memorable photographs.

During our stay in this picturesque region, we also have planned time for lunch in some local restaurant or local family, and also visit village Mokrino springs, known for their crystal-clear waters and soothing ambiance.

As we make our way back to Strumica, we’ll make a brief stop to explore the archaeological site of village Bansko – Roman Thermal Bath, a historical gem from the 3rd century. Here, you can immerse yourself in the remnants of the ancient Roman civilization and envision the grandeur of the past. 

The tour concludes as we return to Strumica at approximately 6 pm, having experienced a full day of cultural immersion and natural exploration.

  • Duration of the tour : around 8 hours
  • Activity level : easy, involving a pleasant 3-kilometer walk in total
  • Included : Storytelling Tour guide, lunch, transfer, visit of two monasteries, visit of two Waterfalls, Mokrino springs, visit of Bansko Roman Thermal Baths
  • Excluded : Drinks, personal expenses, tips
  • Price : depends on the number of visitors (only small groups)
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